Interface Review

Interface Review


SAP standard interfaces offer possibilities to connect external systems to SAP. Last but not least, the digitalization of processes in companies requires the integration of non-SAP systems. SAP interfaces allow any other software and other solutions to exchange data with the SAP system. Each available interface for the exchange of data has advantages and disadvantages.

Interface Review & KTern

Access "Digital Maps" from Module Kernel.

Navigate to Landscape Assessment.


KTern performs the Interface Review check to determine whether the connection to S/4HANA is compatible.

Deeper Insights

Graphical Representation
The platform displays graphically regarding the external connections made with the system.

Detailed Report
Select the "Rocket" icon to launch the detailed report.

The Platform provides the number of connections in each interface.

KTern also provides a graphical count based on the connections.

The detailed report consists of all the connections including :
1. The Title of the connection
2. The type of connection
3. The description of the connection.

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