How to plan the project planning using workbook ?

How to plan the project planning using workbook ?

KTern provides you with the option of updating your project using the workbook. Timeline in the Project Hub is a place where users can add and edit tasks in the auto-generated project plan. Users can also link these newly created tasks to their predecessor tasks and create dependencies between tasks.

The workbook is a view similar to excel sheet where all the tasks are listed within their respective phase, work package, status and planned and actual dates. This workbook is meant for adding, assigning and updating the status of tasks easily.

You can navigate to the Workbook by following the Project Hub -> Timeline

Working with Timeline :

The Workbook allows working with huge number of tasks and timeline activities in a quick edit mode. 

General Guidelines

  1. Status / Owner for Phases and Workpackages - You cannot assign status or owners to Activate Phases and Work packages

  2. One Task per row- Please make sure that there is only one task item per row, Multiple Task Names in a single row will throw an error message.

Creation of Tasks

The Workbook allows creation of tasks in multiple ways :
  1. Insert New Row : A New Task can be added to workbook by right clicking on workbook which will reveal the context menu, the user can click on Insert Row to insert a new row below. Similarly, the user can also Insert 10 Rows if incase a need occurs.

  2. Copy from Excel : In other ways, a user can copy from Excel and paste the same in the workbook, the workbook will create the tasks automatically based on the number of excel rows.

Updating Tasks 

  1. Using Inline Edits : The user can double click on the cells that needs an edit and based on the cell type, the user will either be able to edit the text, change date or select an option.

  2. Copy from Excel : The User can also copy from Excel and paste the same in the workbook, the preferred copy format from the excel for the date columns would be YYYY/MM/DD.
  3. Copy within Workbook : The user can copy a cell and select a range of cells and paste the same to update multiple items just like how it can be done in an excel workbook.

To Select a range, Select a cell, drag your mouse while holding the left click button. 

Filtering Tasks

The workbook comes with the functionality that allows filtering of tasks by a condition. It can be Text Filter, Date Range Filter, Dropdown Filter. Use the filter rows to specify the filter conditions that results in only the filtered data being shown in the workbook.

Clearing Filters 

The Filters can be clearing using the Clear Filter button or by using the Remove Filter option against a particular column.

Hiding Filter Row 

In Addition, The user can also optionally hide the filter row functionality by clicking on the top right corner of the workbook and clicking Toggle Filter Row


Toggling Columns

The User have the functionality of selecting or deselecting the specific columns from the workbook that would allow them to work with limited column view. To do so, A user can right click on the columns that reveals the column selector where, they can check / uncheck the columns they wish to see.

Resize Columns

The Workbook columns can be resized as per the user need and it can be done by expanding the column size with the resizer cursor. It appears on hovering the edge of a column.

Forcefit Columns

The Columns can be also forcefitted to see all the columns at once instead of an inline horizontal scroll.

Freezing Columns

The User can also freeze the columns by pressing the column options menu against a column and then clicking on Freeze Column option.

The same column can be unfreezed by selecting the column and clicking the unfreeze column option.

Grouping Rows

The Workbook comes with the grouping of the rows that allows users to group rows by certain conditions. It is done by simply dragging the columns and dropping them in the grouping area available in the workbook.

The User can collapse all groups by right clicking on the workbook and clicking : Collapse All Groups 

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