What Steps And Considerations Are Outlined For Conducting A 'Solution Configuration - Run Handover Session' During The Realize Phase?

What Steps And Considerations Are Outlined For Conducting A 'Solution Configuration - Run Handover Session' During The Realize Phase?

Solution Configuration - Run Handover Session

After setting up those initial quality setup the handover session must take place. To do so KTern.AI provides a quick way to implement this using Clone and create and Events management. 

  1. Organize Handover Session Meeting by Clone & Create 

    1. Navigate to Project Settings by clicking on the user avatar and then get into the "Template" tab.

    2. On clicking the “Create a New Template” a new screen will be appearing towards the bottom part.

    3. Name the template and add the format of the items to be created. Under rules, KTern allows you to choose certain rules that can be applied during the creation of items. 

    4. Go to the meeting section and create a template for the handover session. 

    5. Assign the condition such as the planned dates and the parent tasks. Click on the "Create button".

    6. Now you can view the template above as shown in the figure, now you can select the template and update the details as of your need. After creating a template navigate to the Clone & create by clicking on Transformation Hub.

    7. The main use of “clone and create” is to create process activities by linking the project plan and GSI.

    8. This helps with a reduction in time consumption on creating tasks or meetings with redundant names under each phase.

    9. This allows the user to create tasks with unique names, rather than duplicating the tasks with the same set of names, under different phases.

    10. Click the link Item A and select the project plan and select the task L2 in the dropdown.  

    11. Select the “Run Handover Session” Checkbox by navigating to wave1 - Realize - Solution Configuration. 

    12. Select the greater than symbol (>) to bring out the chosen items into the selected items list, which is present in the right side. 

    13. Now, Click the Link Item B and select the GSI and click the Line of business from the dropdown. 

    14. Select all the GSI by Clicking on the Select All icon.

    15. Now, Click the template you created before in the project settings.

    16. Once after choosing the template, this screen will be visible, where there’ll be list of events in which project plan and process are being cloned.

    17. KTern provides a benefit with “Quick Fill” option, where the user could fill the following columns in a single click: Parent Name, meeting start and end date and time. 

    18. Once the process activities are created under the meeting, a pop-up message will be coming that “Simulated Items saved successfully”. 

    19. After successfully creating the meetings go to the Calendar & Events in Transformation Hub. Now you can view all the meetings you have created using clone & create. 

  2. Manage the Handover Session Meeting using Events management

    1. Click on the info icon of the meeting that you created now and edit the details as you need like participants, Event agenda, Event link and location and click on update. 

    2. After the update, click the launch icon to go to event wizard.

    3. At the top of the Event Wizard, you can view the Event Information card. You can view the basic details about the event – Event name, Parent task name, Status, Participants, Date, Time & venue as shown below: 

    4. There are four tabs present in the Event Wizard – Summary, Meeting Notes, Discussions, Files. 

    5.  The event summary is the list of points discussed (information), issues, Status checks, decisions taken, and CTAs (Call to actions) assigned. You can add summary of the event by clicking on the ‘Add new’ button present under the summary tab as shown below:

    6. Fill the popover form using the recommendations given below: 

      1. Type: Enter the summary type – Information, Issue, Status, Decision and CTA. 

      2. Title:Enter the summary title.

      3. Assigned to:Choose the responsible person for the respective summary point. This field is optional. 

    7. Clicking on Submit button to add a summary point. You can view the summary points (CTA) of the event as shown below: 

    8. You can also mark the attendance by selecting the participants name who all attended and click on save button. 

    9. You can also add meeting notes in the Editor provided under the Meeting notes tab of the Event Wizard as shown below: 

    10. To add a discussion against an event, you can add it under the Discussions tab of the Event wizard as shown below: 

    11. To upload a file against an event, you can use Files section under the event wizard as shown below: 

    12. KTern.AI provides automated documentation for the events. You can download the event report in the Event information card. 

    13. After the events has been successfully completed mark the status of the events by clicking on the edit icon again and select the status as “Completed” and press the update as shown below:

    14. This will automatically increase the task active completion percentage reflected in the timeline shown below. Once every Event got completed the task will be marked as completed as well. 

      1. Navigate to Simulation by following Digital Projects -> Timeline.  

      2. Go to the Realize phase -> Solution Walkthrough.

      3. And check the status whether it is changed to completed. 

  3. Track the Events details using the My Workspace   

    During the Handoff session there might be a few questions and issues that can be raised by various stakeholders in the call. These can be created in the meeting summary as discussed above and this can be effectively tracked in my workspace. To do so,

    1. Navigate to My Workspace.

    2. Click on the CTAs tab.

    3. By default, you can view all the CTA that is assigned to you by Clicking on this dropdown you can choose the relation such as: assigned to me or created by me. 

    4. You can also track the over all Session details and attendance percentage by navigating to My Portfolio as shown below:

  4. Track the Events details by Portfolio 

    After navigating to My Portfolios, create a new portfolio. 

    1. Click on the "+" icon to create a new portfolio. 

    2. Enter the details such as the portfolio title, the projects to be linked to the portfolio and the user email address to provide access to the stakeholders.

    3. After entering the details click on the create button.

    4. A new portfolio will be created. Now, click on the launch button of the newly created portfolio to view the Event Insights dashboard. 

    5. Now click on the Event Insights dashboard. Here you can view the overall session coverage. 

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