What Is Digital Maps?

What Is Digital Maps?

As an Enterprise product suite, KTern controls the entire digital transformation with its tribal knowledge and data powered intelligence. Its remote digital workplace ensures continuity and increases productivity of businesses and projects.
KTern has five digital streams to ease the digital transformations.

This article would be covering the Digital Maps stream of KTern, Digital Maps takes care of automated business case generation in the following :
1. Impact Assessment
2. Fit Gap Wizards
3. TCO estimator
4. DX roadmap simulator
5. Enterprise Structure Mining
6. Risk predictor
7. Business Case builder.

Digital Maps
Digital Maps connects to an ECC system and assess the landscape, enabling the user in better understanding of the implications of a transition from existing ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA. Digital have been divided into:

1. Business Transformation Assessment
2. Landscape Assessment
3. Business Process Assessment
4. Custom Objects Assessment
5. Timeline Assessment

Digital maps extracts the data, transforms it for preprocessing and the off-load the data for analysis before conversion.

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