How to view the process dashboard in KTern?

How to view the process dashboard in KTern?


KTern provides the user with exclusive dashboards for project plan & process plan based on the progress and work-items or activities. The platform provides the user with the option of implementing the process plan in the same workspace and also tracking the activities related to the business process.
Digital Process --> Dashboard.


The Process dashboard consists of :

1. Project - Process Integration Report

The platform helps in integrating the project-process plan so that each business process can be linked with a project task.

The report can be customized based on the filters.

The report can be downloaded, if need be.

2. Project Summary Dashboard

The dashboard consists of :
2.1 The Business process levels.

2.2 The stakeholders.

2.3 The status of business process levels.

Check Out more about project-process integration at "What is the purpose of clone & Create"

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