Pre-requisites for KTern.AI connectivity

Pre-requisites for KTern.AI connectivity


KTern.AI drives intelligent quality assurance with test fits & gaps, thanks to release impact mining in Digital Mines. The notable, unique advantages in KTern.AI is mentioned below:
  1. There would NOT be any requirement to install 3rd party addons/plugins in SAP system/server, as the connectivity happens through standard RFC protocol.
  2. The only platform in market that offers release intelligence from process, technical and testing standpoint, with rapid system scan and results generation, once the connectivity prerequisites are in place.
  3. The data-driven release impact results can also be integrated seamlessly for testing and enables digitalized UAT with intelligent regression.

KTern.AI - SAP RFC Communication

KTern.AI’s automated scan shall be utilized for testing project, thanks to the communication between KTern.AI – SAP NetWeaver RFC Connector and SAP NetWeaver Application Server by means of standard RFC protocol. It combines an easy-to-use standard business APIs provided by SAP with unprecedented performance for KTern.AI. AI's analysis and processing using KTern.AI. AI’s inbuilt IP Engine.

KTern.AI IP Engine enabled RFC communication is a non-invasive approach, leveraging on the pre-defined, standard RFC enabled business APIs, function modules in the system and it does NOT require any 3rd party software plugins/addons to be installed in SAP system/server.

The RFC communication is achieved through the secured SAP gateway via 33xx port, where xx is the instance number of the corresponding SAP ECC / S4HANA system. As the integration is viewed in terms of technical interoperability, KTern.AI Customer Success Team shall guide and provide the required support for leveraging on the same to run and experience the analyzed results in KTern.AI application for better adoption. The enablement of application users and the client IT team shall also be ensured for better transparency and viability in the overall process of KTern.AI analysis through SAP RFC communication.


  1. Kindly ensure the end-user is in the SAP client network (or) get connected to the corresponding network through 'Remote Access VPN or Site-to-Site VPN'.
  2. Port 33xx must be accessible in client network, as it is the default SAP Gateway port for RFC communication (where xx refers to the Instance Number of the respective SAP system)
  3. RFC Communication User must be ensured for respective source SAP system & target SAP system (READ-ONLY access).
  4. KTern.AI IP shall be made accessible for end users -,
  5. WiFi/LAN network bandwidth and stability must be ensured.


  1. SAP has recognized KTern.AI integration with RISE with SAP S/4HANA, by validating the solution and listing it in SAP Store - Click here to learn more
  2. KTern.AI has been featured by SAP in SAP Business Accelerator Hub for assessments - Click here to learn more
  3. Customer Success Stories of KTern.AI for RISE with SAP S/4HANA has been featured by SAP in various publications, including the SAP Industry Cloud book - Click here to learn more
  4. The change impact mining in KTern.AI has been featured in UiPath Marketplace Click here to learn more
  5. SAP TechEd featured a session on KTern.AI for RISE with SAP - Click here to learn more
  6. KTern.AI Trust Center provides complete information on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance - Click here to learn more
Kindly get in touch with our Customer Success Manager for any support or reach out to us at

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