Key Features Of Simulation

Key Features Of Simulation

  1. User can collapse of expand based on the level, This would help the user to view the plan they way they prefer it.

  2. To ease the user experience, filters can be used to effectively govern the project.
  3. If the user has to complete a task named B and then the task A, the user could add the WBS of task B under the dependencies column of task A. After saving that, a lined arrow mark can be seen from downwards (task B) to upwards (task A), enhancing task management.

  4. The user can also "Hide Gridd/Gantt", which shows the progress in a graph manner, highlighting the phase and work package name on it. On hovering on each of the line bar, the user can view the name of the task, duration of the task, status, planned from and planned to dates, offering a visual overview.

  5. The user can also change the Gantt view to display in a day-wise, week-wise, month-wise, quarter-wise or or year-wise manner.

  6. On clicking the "Critical Path", the phase/work package/tasks which are at risk and left incomplete will be highlighted with a red color bar, ensuring risk identification.

  7. To resize the table for a convenient view with choosing only the required columns, the user can customize their workspace for a more focused view.

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