How To Approve Or Reject Sign Offs?

How To Approve Or Reject Sign Offs?

1. Click the "Sign offs" tab in "My Workspace" to view the list of sign offs pending for approval.

2. Click on the "Edit Info" icon of the sign off that you are reviewing to view more information. Once clicked, a drawer will pop up with the details of the sign off and an indicator will be provided if Files are uploaded. 

3. Click the "Files" tab to view the uploaded files. You can "preview" or "download" the file by clicking on the icons as shown in the below image. If you have any queries on the sign off, click on the "Discussions" tab to post your query.

4. After previewing the file, click on the "Stakeholders" tab on the sign off and click on Approve/Reject based on your review. You can also mention your comments for rejecting a sign off, which will be notified to the sign off owner.

5. Once approved/rejected, the sign off status will be updated and the owner will be notified. To maintain the integrity of the sign off, KTern.AI will auto - stamp the documents (applicable only to .docx) uploaded as shown in the below images. Once approved, any further updates to the sign off will be automatically disabled by KTern.AI. 

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