Pinpani Release - 2112 - 28 December, 2021

Pinpani Release - 2112 - 28 December, 2021

What's new

Timeline Planning

The Timeline Planning for your projects has become better and more awesome. Get your transformation plan to greater accuracy and performance with the new experience on the workbook. The workbook will now allow you to handle various functionalities you might be familiar with on an excel sheet. We also brought in Project progress metrics tracking that would allow you to show the actual project progress unlike progress based on status updates. Find more at : How to plan the project planning using workbook ? (

This means : Find Information about the Planned Effort of Consultant A for Discover Phase by Status and Planned Dates and compare against his actual effort.

Escalation Automation

Your Governance Activities just got better with escalation automation that would allow you to set escalation levels against any workitem in KTern that you would like to get notified of in case of any of those activities going overdue. You can find more about Escalation Automation as part of your Project Control Center. Imagine getting notified about all these escalations with custom rules on the age of the overdue.

Filters and Reports

KTern's Inline Filters are leveled up, We have brought in the ability to look up larger filter options ( Eg. Search on a Filter option to Filter out the ones you want) and we also got the Select All option per filter. This means, your daily stand-ups and Project Review meetings can happen as easily as they can be. Oh by the way, 

Dynamic Reporting

The application now allows you to drag and drop across any column you want and then split across any dimension, View by any chart type to make your reporting much more easier.

Improvement and Bug Fixes

We listened to all of your requests and our dev team was busy killing those pesky bugs to make your SAP transformation much smoother and sleeker.
  1. Timeline Gantt : We have made sure the performance of the timeline has been vastly improved. The Experience fixes in the Gantt has also been taken as our major sprint priority
  2. Files: For a Few of the workspaces, we noticed the ordering of the folders was not as per the Project Plan and now, they work like Charm!
  3. Sign Offs: A huge improvement in your sign-offs report would allow you to work on your Phase Closures and Quality Gates much easier than before.