Pinpani Release - 2101 - 18 January, 2021

Pinpani Release - 2101 - 18 January, 2021

Happy New Year, everyone… We’re back after the holidays with some cool features and improvements.

What's new

1. Interlinking between Workitems and Processes

Oftentimes, the System Integrator would run an SAP S/4HANA project with ACTIVATE methodology and the Custom would have a set of Business Processes that he/she must be map into SAP. With this feature, you can combine your Processes with SAP ACTIVATE methodology. You can holistically view all your Processes being mapped to SAP ACTIVATE in a single screen or dashboard.

Did we use too many jargons there? Okay, in simple terms, here are some examples of what you can do with this new feature.

  • Have a look at the different tasks against a single process item
  • Find out the issues and its respective status against a single process item
  • Find out the test cases against a single process item
  • Go through the meetings, files and bugs against a single process item

2. Workbooks within GSI

You don’t have to manage with just tables anymore. We’ve brought in the Workbook feature within GSI. In other words, you can perform activities such as bulk-upload and bulk-edit within the Global Scope Items Catalogue.

3. Sign-offs update

There are quite a few updates that we’ve brought in within the Sign-Off cockpit.

  • You can create custom labels for each sign-off item and group it according to these labels. For example, you can create custom labels for process-specific sign-offs, fit-gap analysis related sign-offs, closure specific sign-offs and then view them as and when required

  • We’ve also brought in a hierarchical view of all the stakeholders who must approve a sign-off item. And also, a summary of who has and hasn’t approved that particular sign-off

Signoff Wizard

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • In ‘My Workspace’ by just hovering over a particular task, or any workitem for that matter, you can find out the ‘Work Package’ and ‘Parent’ that particular task belongs to. So, you no longer have to go into a particular task to find out its context.

  • There are a few improvements and fixes in the Control Center in terms of adding and deleting risk items

  • In the Timeline, we have introduced the ‘Participants’ column. So, you can add, update, bulk-update the participants against each task

  • You can now clone any sign-off item for quick creation of similar sign off items