Muthuvenil Release - 2305 ( 02 May, 2023 )

Muthuvenil Release - 2305 ( 02 May, 2023 )

What’s New !

  1. Digital Workplace
    • App Tour
      • Released the guided tour for the features in KTern which promotes self-enablement.
    • App Onboarding
      • Enhanced the way in which user can create project in KTern.
      • Introduced the concept of Model Templates through which user can select the template suiting his/her industry choice.
      • Introduced the concept of Digital Entities through which user can import the data created by KTern for their respective templates.
      • Seamlessly integrate the project with KEBS
      • Provided an excel import option to import Users and Project Plan (Tasks).
  2. Digital Projects
    • Signoff Integration 
      • Integrated DocuSign into KTern, enabling users to leverage its electronic signature capabilities for streamlined approval workflows within the platform.
      • Enabled users to initiate and complete signing and approval processes directly within KTern using DocuSign, ensuring efficient and secure documentation workflows. 
      • Implemented a real-time update mechanism in KTern to automatically reflect the current approval status of documents and projects, providing users with immediate visibility and transparency.
    • Workbook Performance Improvement 
      • Optimized the workbook API in order to make it faster and handle any edge cases of failing.
    • Escalation for overdue items
      • Formatted the existing escalation matrix mail with additional detail of Project Name and username in place of user email.  
      • Mail trigger to the stakeholders correctly with respect to the due date mentioned. 
  3. Digital Process
    • Custom Code Cockpit
      • Brought all the Impacted cases into the knowledge base. Enhanced display functionality, addressing previous issues. 
      • Resolved the filtering issue that was affecting the functionality of the cockpit. 
    • Custom Object Wizard 
      • Optimized performance and added data validation for streamlined object creation. 
  4. Digital Maps
    • Multiple Runs Filtering 
      • Header Data Migration to Database
    • MAPS - Digital Labs, Projects, Process, CALM Integration
      • Digital MAPS to Cloud ALM Integrity Bot
        • Released integration of Maps timeline suggestions as Cloud ALM projects L1 to L3 items.
      • Digital Maps to Projects Integrity Bot
        • Released integration of Maps timeline suggestions as Digital Projects L1 to L3 items.
  5. Support Center
    • Ticket Lifecycle
      • Allow the user to create a ticket and comment on the ticket.
      • Allow the user to view the list of all tickets with options to filter. 
      • Mail triggers to the user on the ticket progress.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes 

We listened to all your requests and our dev team was busy killing those pesky bugs to make your SAP transformation much smoother and sleeker.
  1. Workbook 
    • Enhanced the error handling capabilities of the workbook functionality to detect and handle empty cells effectively.
    • Enabled users to delete rows within the workbook, providing a convenient way to remove unnecessary or unwanted data.
    • Workbook Syntax Check - Proper Error Messages
  2. Project Launchpad
    • Provided a search bar in the launch pad.
    • Fixed the incorrect project on launch when switched between two accounts.
    • Redirect the browser URL irrespective of session expiry.
  3. Digital Projects

    • Downloadable Signoff files. 
    • User Invite
      • The user invite being invited to wrong project is fixed. 
    • Simulation
      • The Gantt excludes Sunday and Monday rather than Saturday and Sunday is fixed.
    • Added tags on tasks, issues and testcases.
  4. Digital Workspace
    • Sidebar Enhancement.