Ilavenil Release - 2103 - 28 March, 2021

Ilavenil Release - 2103 - 28 March, 2021

What's new

1. Digital Process – Business Process Modeler

User intuitive, web based tooling enriched BPMN based business process modeler is now available as part of Digital Process for every process variant item.

It comes with the following toolset options –

  • Activate the hand tool
  • Activate the lasso tool
  • Activate the create/remove space tool
  • Activate the global connect tool
  • Create StartEvent
  • Create EndEvent
  • Create Task
  • Create DataObjectReference
  • Create DataStoreReference
  • Create Intermediate/Boundary Event
  • Create expanded SubProcess

It comes with the following features –

  • Save process flow
  • Reset process flow
  • Get recommendations from KTern.AI
  • Download

2. Digital Projects – Signoff Views

The signoff cockpit now comes with a detailed ‘List view’ and ‘Explorer view’ for making decisive approvals and rejections with insightful stats.

3. Digital Projects – Signoff Reports

Quick insightful reports are now available as part of Signoff List View. Reports include –

  • My signoffs
  • Approved by me
  • Rejected by me
  • Pending actions from me
  • My overdue signoffs
  • All signoffs
  • All overdue signoffs

What’s improved

4. Digital Labs – Test Script and Test Logs Interface

The test scripts and test logs for a test case has now been redefined and enriched with an user intuitive material design for quick outlook. It is represented by a panoramic grid view for each test steps with sequence indicators.

5. Digital Projects – Files

Bug fixes have been made in file upload and handling in file explorer.